Five Autumn Fashion Pieces

fullsizerender-4As a summer baby (I was born on a 28th of July) I love hot weather, shorts and sandals. However, as much as I like warm weather there is something about autumn that brings me quite a lot of excitement. Probably it is inherited as my many years of being a student (school, Uni and then Masters accounts around 80% of my life studying) but I have always seen Autumn rather than New Year as a fresh start, the time to make resolutions, start projects and set goals. That’s why I decided to start my blogging adventure with the start of School Year.

When I was a kid, I adored the feel of new stationary ready for the start of the classes and as I grew up I started to fell more excited about the new season wardrobe: cosy jumpers, jackets, boots… Warm colours are definitely my thing so bring the all the creams, oranges and mustards please ( wait I am talking about pantone no food). In this post I present my five favourite fashion pieces for this 2016 Autumn Season.

Bomber Jacket. It has been around for a few years already and even though I didn’t see it at the beginning I have definitely fallen for it and got not one but two of them. I think it is perfect for the early days of the season when it is not  too cold. I got this one blush pink one very cheap in the sales that I goes with so many outfits and colours and it always makes feel like I am Rizzo in Grease. The one I have is not available any more but I leave some options here, here and here.

Fedora Hat. I think this style of hat has the power of transform completely a plain outfit into a cool boho look. I bought this one in John Lewis few years and I thought it was a pricey but I got it anyway as it is hard to find a good flattering hat. After so much use of it I can tell you it is worthy to invest in a higher quality one like this one from Marks and Spencer that comes in few different colours.

Beanie hat. Similar transforming effect that the Fedora but this makes you look more laid back and casual. Extra points for covering a bad hair day or rain induced frizz.

Loafers. If we have to choose the shoe of the season this Gucci loafers in all their variants would probably be the chosen ones. If you don’t want to spend a little fortune on a pair , don’t worry, almost every single high street brand has released their version, some of them like these Asos  or Topshop  ones in very decent quality as well. The obvious match would be a formal office look but I personally love wearing them as a twist of ripped jeans and jumper outfit.


Neck scarf. My Instagram feed has been filled with outfit with neck scarves or bandanas during this last fashion week month. Very simple but effective, it can be tied in many different ways but the thing now is to tie this cowboy style that pairs perfectly with any type of buttoned shirt. As well, tied around the handle of a hand bag is a very good way to update an old or plain bag.  I got this one from New look but you have multiple options from low cost to Luxury .


This are my choices to update your look for the season so you can bring new air to your basics and make them feel new. Which are your favourite pieces for this autumn?


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