Welcome to Just Natalia


Welcome to Just Natalia!!

As you could have already guessed my name is Natalia. I am a twenty-something Spanish girl based in London. Economist as a profession but with a passion for Beauty, Fashion and Style, after many years reading multiple Fashion blogs and watching Beauty Youtube channels I decided to give it a go myself.

A little more about me : When I finish my degree in Economics in Madrid in 2012, where I am from, I decided to move to London for the summer in order to improve my no so good English. I fell in love with the city and what I was going to be just few months became years. I have always been a passionate of Arts and Fashion. Since the age of five or six I used to draw girls in cool outfits (or to be more precise ,in what a five-year old would think is cool ) and grew up reading the Fashion Magazines my mum would buy and enjoy oil painting and water colours. When I was a bit older I discovered make-up and beauty and given that it is no so far away than what I did with my painting brushes I soon got to love it.


I will be uploading videos every week in my Youtube channel and regular blog updates in this site. I hope you can come with me in this journey. If you fancy a chat and know what I am up to you can follow me in my Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for reading!
Natalia xxx


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